Hubei Liwei Automobile-Two live fish transport trucks are exported to Myanmar

Two live fish transport trucks made by Hubei Liwei Automobile Co.,Ltd are exported to Myanmar.

The truck is made of built-in fish tank and external thermal insulation box structure. The internal fish tank is made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate, which is specially made in combination with the requirements of transporting fresh aquatic products market, anti-rust and anti-fouling. According to the characteristics of different fish species, the warehouse can be warehoused (4/6 warehouse), and the external truck body is sealed and insulated.

The refrigeration system provides sufficient refrigerant to ensure that the water temperature can be controlled between 10 and 18 degrees in the hot summer. There is a visible digital thermometer in the driving room to directly display the water temperature in the fish tank.

The oxygen supply system uses an oxygen generator to provide sufficient oxygen for the fish. The amount of gas supply is intuitively adjustable in the cab.

The water circulation filtration system can filter out various impurities in the water and has a sewage outlet to keep the water as pure as possible.

It is also equipped with a small crane (200KG) and nighttime operation (fishing or unloading fish) LED high-brightness lighting, which reduces the labor intensity of workers when loading and unloading fish.

This truck-related function can achieve its purpose and purpose by simply operating it. It is especially suitable for medium and long-distance transportation of fresh aquatic products, which greatly improves the survival rate of fish, and also creates considerable economic value and rich for users. The more profit returns, the more obvious the summer advantage.

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